DAD - The Dundrum Academy Of Driving

Anyone can teach you to drive but it takes a special person to be a DAD !

Learner Driver tearing up her L plate

About Our Driving School

DAD - The Dundrum Academy of Driving is owned and run by Derek Evans.

Derek is an ADI - a driving instructor approved by the RSA (Road Safety Authority)

Here is what Derek has to say about the Dundrum Academy Of Driving:

With many years experience, initially gained in two of the country's largest driving schools.

We have:

  • Helped students to overcome anxieties.
  • Given confidence to senior citizens who want to re-establish independent driving.
  • Worked with nervous pupils to successfully pass their test.

We also observe and teach foreign national drivers, many of whom already hold a full drivers licence in their origin country, to become familiar with and confident in the rules and regulations of driving in Ireland.

If you need a family member or friend to sit with you in the car to assist with language barriers. Just mention it at the time of booking.

D.A.D Learner Car